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Best of luck to the TAPS team and Pilgrim Films with continued Ghost Hunters success. You are one of the nicest, loyal and amazing networks to work for.Thank you for your continued loyalty throughout Amy and I's entire run with Ghost Hunters. Undying gratitude and love always, Adam Amy's statement: In light of some information that came out yesterday, I feel I need I clarify some things to everyone.The brothers that we have become is an unbroken bond. Without you we would not be able to do the work that you see every week.

I thank Jay for choosing me from Ghost Hunters Academy.She’s so afraid of the basement that Bruni and Berry decide to call in psychic Chip Coffey (, the paranormal power duo and psychic Coffey find plenty of interesting evidence in the press screener for the episode.They also discover some other tragic history in the Borden family around that location that may be contributing to the haunting.Also note that continuing the tradition of the first season of debuts September 15 at 9 pm (ET) on TLC.You can also catch Coffey at some upcoming Ghost Hunt Weekends events and Bruni and Berry on Mackinac Island hosting a paranormal event in October with Strange Destinations.

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