Aquarius dating a taurus

The Taurus man is ruled by the planet of pleasure and love, Venus, whereas the Aquarius woman is ruled by the planets associated with eccentricity and hard work, Uranus and Saturn.

Their differences create a curiosity that pulls them towards each other, and these very differences, if not worked upon, drift them apart.

He can provide the stability into her unpredictable life whereas she can teach him how to go through the obstinacy and become easy-going with life.

They can happily smile together, talk serious, feel secure, and all in all.

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A Taurus man and an Aquarius woman do have some similarities, though there are not that many. Once they have decided that they want something, they will do all that they can to get it.With that part being clarified, let us now get into understanding the personalities of the male bull and the female water bearer.Both are very strong personalities, and quite different from each other. Will theirs be a case of opposites attract, or, opposites detract?Both love to live life abundantly, often indulging in some pleasurable activities such as enjoying the best cuisine, shopping from some of the finest brands, and ensuring that life never has a pleasure-lacking moment.Also, both of them understand the importance of being goal-oriented in life.

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