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To gain an index of time since the original formation of the system, you document the relative proportions of the two components.

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Clementson stated that: Who would readily accept a method of dating when it is known and proven to be wildly inaccurate? It will not be admitted, in fact most likely denied, but the true method of dating which is always consulted is that of the Geologic Column (see article entitled, "Come, Let Us Reason In Circles Together").This is all seemingly fine until you evaluate the assumptions that this system is built upon.In order for the radiometric dating system to be accurate, the system would: a.) Need to be a closed system. That is, that the process was not or is not affected by any outside or inside influences. Since the establishment of the system, the decay or process rate has remained stable and unchanged.Any so called 'age determination' by a physical process is, once stripped down, only an educated guess, and is most likely entirely unrelated to the actual age.As we progress further in this evaluation, we will examine the actual processes by which these methods work, and carefully determine their validity and accuracy.

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