Chat avenue nude

3) Do NOT give out any personal information (i.e where you live, your school, email address, picture, telephone number, etc) - you may end up being contacted by people you don't want.

Make sure your profile in the forums or chat does not include any personal information.

) Lazy Eyed Smiley :-()=0 Fat smiley $-) Won the lottery :-#/ Wears braces / Runny nose O-) Cyclops &: ) Curly haired smiling girl :-Q Is a smoker ;-Q Smoking smiley :-?

Pipe smoking smiley 8-) Wearing (sun) glasses 8-) Bandit or Masked Man B-) Smiley with sunglasses on his head ~:() Fish lips :--'-,-'-,--- Another long stemmed rose ------{[email protected] Another rose | | | | Canadian Flag ~/:-) Party (hat) smiley Person with big ears ^ ^ Angel (press alt 94 - alt 143 - alt 94) (_zzz_) A tired ass (_?

Emoticons are used in e-mail and other forms of communication using computers such as chatting.Be sure to tell all your teenager friends, family and strangers about our site.Tweet, Like and " " us on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.Try to find out what internet services (such as chatting and email) your child uses.Consider surfing with your children and make it a fun experience for them.

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