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This video will first show you the built-in data validation mechanisms enabled in the Grid Control by default.

You will then learn how to specify your own data cell validation rules and how to control the UI that informs end-users about the errors.

When the value of a cell fails the validation process, its Has Validation Error property will return true and its Validation Error property will contain a Cell Validation Error, which provides information on the cell in error, the error content, the exception (if one was thrown), and the validation rule that failed.

If the validation rule that failed is a binding-level Validation Rule, it will be wrapped in a Passthrough Cell Validation Rule.

Validation errors will also be reported by a row when the value of one or more of its cells fails the validation process.

When the user types the reference directly the information about the product will be filled in the other columns and the user can choose the quantity he wants and it will do the calculation.

ALSO, I tried to put the total of the bill in the datagrid...

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