Dating and marriage customs in the dominican republic

Wedding presents tend to be expensive; they certainly must not appear cheap (or ugly).

One may purchase gifts which are not on the official list, but this does increase the risk of buying the same quaint picture frame as 25 other guests. Anything which you would wear to a coronation would be appropriate, after all, you will be observing a Queen for a Day. Black is considered very elegant and thus very appropriate.

Do not forget that weddings with over a thousand guests are not uncommon (particularly among older families, which have an extended network of family and friends). (In front of a fan is always an intelligent choice). The mother of the groom will accompany him to the altar.

Does this make some kind of profound statement about Dominican culture?

While it continues, and for around half an hour afterwards, cocktails are available.If you cannot be present, it is still polite (obligatory) to send a gift. Our experts agree that young children should never be taken to weddings unless they are members of the wedding party.The outer envelope will indicate who is welcome to attend.(This is indeed a special event in Dominican society! Caribbean time is much more forgiving than demanding.If you find yourself unexpectedly delayed, do not be embarrassed to attend the reception even if you have missed the ceremony. Sit wherever you please; the church is not divided into brides and grooms sides.

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