Dating greetings

Towards the end of the meal during the whole of which there took place an unending musical chairs as old friends greeted each other and exchanged gossip, the hapless chairman of the mighty Western conglomerate attempted to begin the formal part of the proceedings: the announcement of the winner.By now, even the top table had been deserted by most of the competitors and his remarks were drowned by a continuing hubbub of conversation.Learn the correct phrases using the notes below, and then practice using greetings with the practice dialogues. (very informal)It's important to note that the question It's great to see you! Once you have been introduced to someone, the next time you see that person it is important to greet them. In English (as in all languages), there are different ways to greet people in formal and informal situations. Use these phrases to say that you are happy to meet someone when introduced for the first time. The question ' How do you do' is only a formality. FIll in the blanks with an appropriate word for these formal and informal greetings.

No-one should even start drinking at table without making a polite toast to demonstrate that they are aware of their surroundings and want to share the pleasure. Rather, it is a standard phrase used when meeting some for the first time. Greetings after the Introduction Once you have met someone, it's common to use standard greetings such as ' Good Morning', ' How are you? In other words, the question does not need to be answered. Keep in mind that you will want to adjust your message depending on the type of chatline you are on. If you are on one of the latin chatlines, recording your greeting in spanish will probably draw you more attention.You may have already gathered up enough information to make up your own.

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