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Not long after Adam met Eve and that little tempting piece of fruit complicated things, the heart of infidelity began to blossom. Of course, exercising the common courtesy of asking, "Are you married?

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(Grandma once told me that to date a married man is to bring sure damnation to my life; seven years of bad luck!

"In my life now, I wouldn't even think of dating or sleeping with a married person (unless I didn't know they were married, of course, which can often be the case).

Well, actually, I still wouldn't do it because I'm now happily partnered.

I'm not proud of it, but heck, they were married and I was too, so in my twisted state of infidelity, it didn't feel quite so wrong.

Of course, that's how a lot of people — gay or straight — view indiscretion and infidelity: "If I'm married and he/she is married, then it's not so bad!

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