Dating the quatrain of nostradamus carrie underwoods dating relationship

His few specific or dated prophecies, moreover, have proven to be consistent failures.

Devoted Nostradamus enthusiasts, nevertheless, consider him the world’s most accurate prophet and claim to have discovered the “keys” to correctly unlocking the true meaning of his prophecies, but they commit two errors.

This quatrain is said to refer to the accidental death of King Henry II of France.The case for Nostradamus’s accuracy rests on the interpretations offered by his enthusiasts.According to sound interpretive principles, however, they fail to demonstrate that the prophecies refer uniquely to one person or event.Though prophecies outside the Bible meet one or even two of these criteria, only biblical prophecy meets all three.This claim that biblical prophecy is unique is challenged by skeptics of the supernatural, critics of the Bible, and even Christians who sometimes ask, “Didn’t Nostradamus also make many accurate prophecies?

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