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A number of synthetic works on the Scandinavian impact on Scotland have been published, most notably by Barbara Crawford (1987), Anna Ritchie (1993), Olwyn Owen (1999) and James Graham-Campbell and Colleen Batey (1998).Additionally over-arching syntheses on hoards (Graham Campbell 1995) and on the pagan graves of Viking-age Scotland (Graham-Campbell and Paterson forthcoming), bring together both antiquarian finds and more recent discoveries.Bothremydids are an extinct group of Side-necked Turtles (i.e.Turtles that could not withdraw their heads back into their shells, bt had to fold it sideways instead) that arose in the Early Cretaceous and persisted till the Eocene.We basically followed the datingsequence for a couple of years and knowing very well we both neededto get married, one day we got married.

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They have traditionally been thought to be stem-group Cryptodires (i.e.

Since the time of its discovery the Mac Farlane Mine site has been buried by a major landslide, and is no longer accessible, however the specimen was preserved in a block that also contained numerous Molluscs and other invertebrates, enabling a detailed diagnosis of both its stratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental context.

These suggest that the Turtle was buried in a brackish water environment, such as an estuary or lagoon with freshwater input, and that it lived in the latest Cenomanian, i.e.

The multi period site of Jarlshof, Shetland, seen from the air.

The site appears to have been in almost constant use for almost four thousand years; with later developments being built upon and around the older structures.

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