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However the main records used to locate Active Directory services are stored in Active Directory-specific subdomains which are managed by DNS running on your Windows servers (normally on the domain controllers).

These subdomains are The last two on the list are not used by Windows 2000-only domains.

In this configuration of DNS you cannot configure your clients to register their names and IP addresses automatically in DNS.

Depending on the way in which applications resolve names, occasionally this can cause problems if the name of the system (as configured in the control panel) and shown in Active Directory does not match the first part of the client's registered DNS name.

In this scenario, the central DNS servers retain control of the top level records in the subdomain (i.e. Refer to the Background Information section towards the end of this document for full details of how this works.

This configuration allows the majority of Active Directory services to be registered dynamically in the DNS by the servers that run them.

One set of records cannot be registered using this method and these are the host records for the domain itself.

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If this is a problem for your unit, you may be able to provide resilience by running a secondary name server for the uk zone and asking IT Services to arrange for zone transfers to be allowed to a designated server.For domain controllers running 2003 and above, for the forest root domain only, the _msdcs. If you do, you need to be careful about how you configure them regarding DNS traffic.While many things will work with an incorrect configuration, it may give rise to errors in the output from dcdiag and netdiag that can make it harder to identify real problems; also clients and servers can have problems locating services.You may be able to configure one of your existing Windows DNS servers to act as this secondary server.To enquire about this service, email IT Services in the usual way.

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