Did audrina dating brody

Heidi tries to spend more time with Lauren and save their friendship but she leave her at the last minute, choosing to go away with Spencer. Whitney tries to move up the ranks at Teen Vogue but it is not easy.It is a new year in the Hills and Lauren wants to celebrate it with her best friends, including Lo from Laguna. Heidi begins to feel left out after Lauren spends most of the night with Audrina and it is Lo who breaks the news to Lauren about Spencer's ideas.Lauren decides to focus her attention on getting back into Lisa Love's good graces at Teen Vogue.Heidi and Audrina's friendship suffers from the arrival of Spencer Pratt, Heidi's new boyfriend, who seems to be a player.This season was filmed from late summer 2006 through February 2007.

Upon the conclusion of their month-long morning marathon of The Hills, titled "Retro MTV Brunch", MTV aired an alternate ending to the series on August 9, 2013.

Their romance is put to the test, however, when Heidi unexpectedly catches Spencer at a club with some Playmates and it seems like their relationship is over.

Heidi confronts Spencer on his flirting behaviour but after warnings from her girlfriends that he cannot be trusted, Heidi gives him another chance.

Lauren then decided to invite Audrina to move in with her and she accepted.

The summer is over and Lauren and Jason have broken up.

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