Eclipse maven hangs updating indexes

jetty-8.1.17.v20150415 - 15 April 2015 409788 Large POST body causes 433802 check EOF in send1xx 442839 highly fragmented websocket messages can result in corrupt binary messages 445953 fixed loop closing stream write 456741 Eof check in flush jetty-7.6.17.v20150415 - 15 April 2015 409788 Large POST body causes 433802 check EOF in send1xx 442839 highly fragmented websocket messages can result in corrupt binary messages 445953 fixed loop closing stream write jetty-8.1.16.v20140903 - 03 September 2014 409788 Large POST body causes 433689 Evict idle Http Destinations from client 433802 check EOF in send1xx 438996 Scavenger-Timer in Hash Session Manager can die because of Illegal State Exception from get Max Inactive Interval 442048 fixed send Redirect / encoding 442839 highly fragmented websocket messages can result in corrupt binary messages jetty-7.6.16.v20140903 - 03 September 2014 409788 Large POST body causes 433802 check EOF in send1xx 442839 highly fragmented websocket messages can result in corrupt binary messages jetty-8.1.15.v20140411 - 11 April 2014 397167 Remote Access documentation is wrong 419799 complete after exceptions thrown from async error pages 420776 complete error pages after start Async 421197 fix method comment and ensure close synchronized 422137 Added max Queued to Queued Thread Pool MBean 424180 improve bad message errors 425038 Web Socket Client leaks file handles when exceptions are thrown from open() 425551 Memory Leak in Select Connector$Connect Timeout.expired.

426658 backport Bug 425930 to jetty-8 427761 allow endpoints to be interrupted 428708 JDBCSession Id Manager when clearing expired sessions failed, jetty should still be able to startup 428710 JDBCSession(Id)Manager use 'read committed isolation level' 430968 Use wrapped response with async dispatch 432452 Connect Handler does not timeout sockets in FIN_WAIT2.

File() dies with an NPE if list Files() returns null 404325 data constraint redirection does send default port 404517 Close connection if request received after half close 404789 Support IPv6 addresses in Do SFilter white list.

404958 Fixed System Resource striped / handling 405281 allow filemappedbuffers to not be used 405537 NPE in rendering JSP using SPDY and wrapped Servlet Request 406437 Digest Auth supports out of order nc 406618 Jetty startup in OSGi Equinox fails when using option bundle=org.eclipse.boot 406923 CR line termination 407136 @Pre Destroy called after Servlet.destroy() 407173

Illegal State Exception: null when using JDBCSession Manager 407931 Add toggle for failing on servlet availability 407976 JDBCSession Id Manager potentially leaves server in bad state after startup 408077 Hash Session Manager leaves file handles open after being stopped 408446 Multipart parsing issue with boundry and charset in Content Type header jetty-8.1.10.v20130312 - 12 March 2013 376273 Early EOF because of SSL Protocol Error on

381521 allow compress methods to be configured 392129 fixed handling of timeouts after start Async 394064 ensure that Jar File instances are closed on Jar File Resource.release() 398649 Servlet Context Listener.context Destroyed() is not called on Context Handler unregistration 399703 made encoding error handling consistent 399799 do not hold lock while calling invalidation listeners 399967 Shutdown hook calls destroy 400040 Null Pointer Exception in Http Generator.prepare Buffers 400142 Concurrent Modification Exception in JDBC Session Manger 400144 When loading a session fails the JDBCSession Manger produces duplicate session IDs 400312 Servlet Context Listener.context Initialized() is not called when added in Servlet Container Startup 400457 Thread context classloader hierarchy not searched when finding webapp's java:comp/env 400859 limit max size of writes from cached content 401211 Remove requirement for in WEB-INF/lib 401317 Make Safari 5.x websocket support min Version level error more clear 401382 Prevent parse Available from parsing next chunk when previous has not been consumed. 401474 Performance problem in org.eclipse.jetty.annotation. Annotation Parser 401485 zip file closed exception 401531 String Index Out Of Bounds Exception for "/*" fix for multiple mappings to *401908 Enhance Dos Filter to allow dynamic configuration of attributes. Shutdown Monitor doesn't stop after the jetty server is stopped 402485 reseed secure random 402735 to support status which is == check 402833 Test harness for global error page and hide exception message from reason string jetty-7.6.11.v20130520 - 402844 STOP. KEY behaviour has changed 403281 waits for started or failure before returning 403513 jetty:run goal cannot be executed twice during the maven build 403570 Asynchronous Request Logging 404010 fix cast exception in mongodb session manager 404128 Add Vary headers rather than set them 404283 org.eclipse.

415192 maps to Jsp Property Group Servlet instead of Jsp Servlet 415401 Add Xml Configuration.initialize Defaults that allows to set default values for any Xml Configuration that may be overridden in the config file 416266 Http Servlet Response.encode URL() encodes on first request when only Session Tracking Mode.

Jsp Servlet 381825 leave URI params in forwarded request URI 381876 Monitor should wait for child to finish before exiting. 383251 500 for Socket Exceptions 383881 Web Socket Handler sets request as handled 384254 revert change to writable when not dispatched 384280 Implement preliminary Servlet Registrations 384847 Cross Origin Filter is not working.

384896 JDBCSession Manager fails to load existing sessions on oracle when context Path is / 384980 Jetty client unable to recover from Time outs when connection count per address hits max.

391080 Multipart temp files can be left on disk from Part and get Parts 391082 No exception if multipart input stream incomplete 391188 Files written with Part().write(filename) should not be auto-deleted 391483 fix bad javadoc example in shutdown handler 391622 Be lenient on RFC6265 restriction on duplicate cookie names in same response 391623 Add option to --stop to wait for target jetty to stop 391877 org.eclipse.jetty.webapp.

Fragment Descriptor incorrectly reporting duplicate others for after ordering 392239 Allow no error-code or exception for error-pages 392525 Add option to --stop-wait to specify timeout 392641 JDBC Sessions not scavenged if expired during downtime 392812 Mongo Session IDManager never purges old sessions 393014 Mongodb purgevalid using query for purgeinvalid 393015 Mongodb purge not rescheduled 393075 Jetty Web Socket client cannot connect to Tomcat Web Socket Server 393218 add xsd=application/xml mime mapping to defaults 393363 Use Locale.

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