Friend dating my ex

If your friends beg you not to give him a second chance, ask why. If you bring up the thought and they don't seem completely against it, that's a good sign that they think this could be right for you.

Sometimes it helps to get an outside perspective (although what you want is ultimately more important).

For example: maybe you want him to hang with your friends more or call you more often. Source: Shutter Stock Most of the time, your friends are generally going to encourage you to stay away from an ex in an attempt to help you.

And while they're not always right, sometimes they are.

If the problems you had before can't be resolved, there is no point in getting back together...One dating rule that you probably hear a lot is to never get back together with your ex.And while there are plenty of times an ex doesn’t deserve a second chance, there are also plenty of times that they do.Source: Shutter Stock If you guys broke up because he did something to hurt you, make sure you are actually ready to forgive him before you think about starting things up again.A lot of girls get back with a guy who cheated on them and then find that they can't forgive that guy.

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