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Receiving such messages while playing isn't the only manifestation of sexism in gaming.

It also happens in real life, including when girls are children.

ALLSERVE is the first local prepaid card provider that consolidated gaming, mobile, and other prepaid cards in one single card.

Our goal is to provide consumers with the widest range of products with only one card, help the small retailers to carry one prepaid card that can be used on a wide range of products and provide prepaid service providers with an extensive distribution network.

Finally, we need to empower the gaming community to become its own police force -- to hold its members accountable for their actions.

This enables them to become the creators of their own future -- one where sexism and misogyny have no place in the gaming community.

We can see this in early video game ads, which featured families and young girls playing games.We invented a role-playing game together based on the tabletop games that our male friends played.We like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons for the pictures and the aesthetic, but we both wanted more freedom. There was a specific group of kids who bullied us for liking the game -- two guys, one girl. I got pushed and smacked around, by both the guys and the girl. Some kids went home bleeding."Game developers also played into gamer girls' objectification and harassment by developing female characters that were overly sexualized and stereotyped, or by leaving playable female characters out of games entirely.So Katie and I made up our own game, which I now realize was a live-action role-playing game. Not everyone thought that we were pretending to be orcs and knights. In March 2015, 12-year-old Madeline Messer conducted a study on mobile "endless running games" and found that only 46% of games offered girl characters -- and that only 15% of these girl characters were available to play for free.In fact, a lot of people thought we were creepy weirdos. Today, gamer girls face a lot of criticism in making and playing games, as well as for becoming voices for equality in the gaming world.

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