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According to our internal metrics, at least, Ok Cupid’s users are better-educated, younger, and far more progressive than the norm, so I can imagine that many sites would actually have (Addendum to original post)As promised, here are the same-sex versions of last week’s charts and tables.

In general, they show that straights and gays share many of the same inclinations, but the prejudices of the latter are perhaps a bit less pronounced.

In fact, it’s any dating site (and indeed any collection of people) would likely exhibit messaging biases similar to what I’ve written up.

Here are the match and reply rates side-by-side, with similar rates colored yellow.

There’s no real need to inspect the numbers; just observe the similar colors. In general, the correlation between match percentage and reply rate means that whenever we compare the match/reply charts for a given breakdown of the population, they should look about the same.

See for yourself: As we did last week, we can see that all groups think, theoretically, that interracial relationships are acceptable, yet again whites are the least willing to have such a relationship themselves.

This time it’s the men, not the women, who prefer most to keep to their own: it’s interesting that both in reply patterns and in their answers to these two match questions, the behavior of white straight women and white gay men are so closely parallel.

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