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I’m asking myself questions I last wondered when I was 7 years old: How do you make friends? Do you have to just be willing to be embarrassed and vulnerable and for advice.

What I got in response was this darkly funny Greek chorus of 30-something women whose lives have taken a similar shape (and who subscribe to my newsletter).

I would stay at home with my baby, rearrange the knickknacks and books on the shelf, and when my husband would get home from work ask him to spot the changes.

I assume a level of familiarity that is appropriate for already-established friends but not in a way that is invasive or entitled.

When I first met her after our kids hung out after school, she just came out and said, “So is there like a dating service for friends? ”The only thing that has kept me at all functional since becoming a parent is making friends with cynical and desperate and intelligent mothers (and a few fathers). Now I show my cards straightaway, and I size them up real quick.

I’m lucky enough to have made friends with a “planner,” which makes meeting other people so much easier.

I would basically sit in our bleak apartment and apply for jobs then drive around town looking for good coffee shops.

I eventually forced myself to join some cooking clubs and book clubs (the book-clubs I had a kid right after moving to France in 2013, and when I think back on my first fall and winter here, and how pathetically lonely I was, I feel so sad for myself that it’s almost like it was another person.

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    P&O & a travel agency had both said there was no room.