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While on their honeymoon, Mike and Carol realize that they were too hard on their children, and they decide to bring them along on the honeymoon.They also bring along housekeeper Alice, Tiger, and Fluffy.Mike and Carol admonish their children, yelling at them to go catch their pets.The newlywed couple goes on a honeymoon later that day, while the children sit at home thinking that their parents hate them.Thinking that the family no longer needs her, she invents a story about a "sick aunt in Seattle".

Davis and Barry Williams appear in all 117 episodes.When put into syndication, the episodes began airing in the order in which they were made.On DVD releases the episodes are in the order in which they originally aired.The family devises a plan to get Alice to stay and are successful.Jan's allergies are acting up, so Carol keeps her home from school.

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