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Let that one server connect to an outside NTP server, then have the other machines sync to the master.The advantages of this setup are a reduced number of outgoing connections and a guarantee that all of your machines will have their time set to the exact same value.For example, if you wanted to use the NTP pool servers (more on that later) you could set the "server" values in the master's file to: Then on every other machine for which you want to sync the time point the to your master server.If your master server were going to be "main.example.com", you would alter the files on the secondary machines so the server entries would all be: After setting the server parameters and making sure iptables won't block connections to your main NTP server, just restart the NTP services on each machine to get them syncing.Those addresses rotate among a huge list of volunteer NTP servers worldwide so the load on any one machine never gets too great.

The "dynamic" option tells NTP that it can try a configured server again later if it's unavailable at some point.Most users don't need to be accurate to the nearest millisecond, they just want to know what time it is.So unless you absolutely know you need pinpoint accuracy, use the pool servers.NTP uses UDP port 123 to conduct its business, either connecting out to another NTP server or accepting incoming connections.If you have iptables filtering incoming traffic on the main NTP server in your cluster you'll need to open port 123 to UDP traffic to allow the other servers to connect to it.

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