Persona 4 dating sim dating subscription

I fulfilled the requirements to trigger the White Day flag for Kanji, but I didn't get the White Day event and just got a free day in town instead....?

(And eventually worked for them too without either of us doing anything, I think.) It was also with Kanji in that case. In the meantime, please feel free to send me your save file so I can take a look at it (strangestquiet at gmail), or if you feel comfortable editing it yourself, you can change the tree and saved node parameters to skip to 3/19.

What matters is the emotion the pixels, or ink invokes. Images of that porn star doing that thing you like, or words that are offensive, and enrage. However, the overal Social Link system isn't that different from dating.

In fact the very words you are reading are nothing more then pixels, they are the same "fake" that the girls in the video games are. Persona 3/4 is essentially a hybrid of j RPGs and dating sims, so yeah.

Just as before, you're a transfer student from Tokyo, coming to the podunk town of Inaba as the new kid at Yasogami high.

But you don't have to worry about sticking out as the center of attention for long as some really strange stuff starts going on in school and around town.

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