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To what degree is it constructed and conducted so that it works well and not badly for the young people involved?What should they expect in a relationship, and what should they not want?As long as your teen is not actively in danger, try to resist the urge to interfere.The December 2008 issue of the “Journal of Adolescence” includes a study of adolescent relationships by researchers Deborah Welsh and Shmuel Shulman.They found that teens whose parents demonstrated a high level of conflict and strife in their marital relationship were more likely to show similar behaviors in their own relationships.Interestingly, teens who had a great deal of personal conflict with their parents did not necessarily carry this dynamic over into their relationships.Among adults who report partner violence, 22.4 percent of women and 15 percent of men claim that they were first involved in a violent relationship during adolescence.

Avoid speaking negatively about your child’s partner, which could drive the teens closer together, but teach her to recognize a lack of respect before the relationship hits a breaking point.

The specific boundaries vary from relationship to relationship, but the important aspect is that each strives to make the other feel safe.

However, teens may need to go through a few bad "practice" relationships to learn important lessons.

Eventually, they feel ready to move beyond simple friendships into dating relationships.

Although it's true that some people marry their high school sweethearts, adolescent relationships often operate much differently than those of adults.

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