Sedating kids on long flights

What sucked was turning around to walk back the other direction and seeing the sea of tired faces, some annoyed, but most of them full of pity.I smiled apologetically and patted Baby C on the back, just in case anyone on that plane thought that I wasn’t doing my absolute best to calm my child. Husband and I dosed Baby C with Benadryl during a flight last week.In my last post, I wrote about what we got right on our trip.We were on a red-eye flight from Portland, OR to Newark, NJ. This was the first time we had attempted a red-eye with Baby C.

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In a survey of pediatricians practicing primary care in the U. [1], 45% reported recommending nonprescription medications to help children sleep during travel, with antihistamines such as Benadryl being the most common.

However, as our trip grew closer, I started to feel nervous. What if the novel situation – being surrounded by strangers on an airplane and being held in our laps (we didn’t purchase her own seat) – was just too much for her?

I know that many frown upon the idea of “drugging” kids for smoother travel.

The minutes passed, and her cries finally grew quiet, but the lavatory door remained closed.

The captain turned on the seatbelt sign and a flight attendant warned us of approaching turbulence. It was only after we had passed through the rough patch and other passengers began pulling at the bathroom door that Husband finally emerged.

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