Tao of dating goddess

We may quickly realize that if one were to surgically remove one of the glandular systems, a permanent depletion or lack of equilibrium would be created inside the body.

The sexual glands form the base of the glandular complex.

If Vessel A (the sexual glands) is supplied with liquid, this fluid will slowly disperse through the tubes (blood vessels) to the remaining six vessels.

Similarly, if Vessel C (the pancreas) were to be drained excessively of its fluid through a leakage of some kind, each of the other vessels would give up a portion of its supply to reestablish an equilibrium within the system.

A state of weakness or susceptibility to disease arises when one system, or in this case one gland, is deprived of energy for some reason.The modern term for the Seven Glands is endocrines.The endocrines form what is called the endocrine system.To prevent diseases one must protect the immune system.A Taoist aphorism succintly states that immunity is a natural gift of life: When one does not incur small diseases, one will not incur moderate diseases.

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