Textsex with no email

would you really want to be involved with someone who, within a year of getting married, is already cheating? firstly, it doesn't matter one iota if you or he think its cheating or not, it's what his wife thinks that matters, and i am damn certain that she knows nothing about this and would be devastated if she ever found out. and although he doesn't realise it he's playing with himself too...

after all, you NEARLY married him, how would you feel if less than a year later you found out that you were not in the relationship you thought you were in. (i know i could have phrased that better but let it stand...

It's a sure bet his wife doesn't know and would go ballistic on both of you if she found out.

As jayjay said unless they are in an open relationship then it's cheating.

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It sounds like you were hoping for something more than just a sex fling with him, right?If he and his wife aren't in an open or polyamorous relationship, then it's not right.And I speak as someone who champions open/poly relationships for anyone who's capable of having them. Do men have text / phone sex with people that they don't fancy? And, for the record, text sex is a pretty lame concept. I think it's weasely on his part, and not smart on your part. Just to offer a differing point of view: Perhaps he feels that he made the wrong decision before, and would truly be happier with you but doesn't know the "right way" to go about bringing it up with his wife.I have to agree that this guy is playing you and his wife.:( Maybe he has come up with some rationalization for it in his mind, but by my standards, no, it's not right for a married man to be having these kinds of conversations with another woman.

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