Updating listbox using a thread in

On our form we’ll add two buttons, btn Start and btn Cancel, a progress bar, prg Thread, and a listbox, lst Values. Component Model into the project namespace or onto the form or you can just spell it out like I’m doing below. First, we declare the Background Worker object, Test Worker.Note that we’re declaring it with events so that the event structure is built automatically.Otherwise, the work will continue until the Do Work routine is exited.Finishing Things Up When the work has been completed or canceled, the Run Worker Completed method is called.Remember that the User State value is an object and will require conversion if you can’t use an object type.Canceling the Worker Now, what if you want to cancel the worker? Enabled = False End If 'set combox to not hold records With Refinance ID . If the result of this is Zero, The combobox next to it is active (conditional Format) and you are able to select a record to be used by the text box control. Mysql and sql are quite similar but I have no experience with a different back end and do not know what diff it makes. some may say this is unnecessary but i prefer doing it this way to control the users data entry and the way the tables are designed are extremely reliant on referential integrity (e.g 1 tbl for address and multiple tables for binding two records to one with PK FK FK etc.) my approach worked find until i had to deal with listboxes, my real deal is that when i enter a new record an start adding new records to the listbox it would go to a temp table for a bit, when the record is save the records on the temp tbl would be appended to the tbl in mysql then clearing/deleting the temp tbl. LDRepay K 'set Repayment Amount 'Find Repayment Number Sql String = "SELECT TBLLOAN. LDPay No AS Repay No " & _ "FROM TBLLOAN " & _ "WHERE (((TBLLOAN. The textbox is populated by a user defined function. the reason i am doing this is because my forms, ALL OF THEM are unbound. Repay No 'set repayment Number 'Find Repayment Frequency Sql String = "SELECT TBLLOAN. LDPay Fre AS LDRepay Freq " & _ "FROM TBLLOAN " & _ "WHERE (((TBLLOAN.

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If that control is bound to a table then, yes, that table is updated - no more work to do. Here’s the code that goes into our cancel button’s Click event: Here we call the Cancel Async method.However, this only sets a flag and, as shown above, our Do Work method has to check for a Cancellation Pending state.In this article we’ll create a quick and easy example program that will walk you through the steps.Getting Started First, we will need to create a new Windows application.

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