Updating risk factors in form 10 q

, the Company's Board of Directors has appointed a special committee of independent directors (the "Special Committee") to investigate allegations concerning actions of certain members of the Company's senior management, including an allegation of a previously undisclosed loan of personal funds from , the Company's Co-Chief Executive Officer, and allegations of wrongdoing in employment practices and conduct. Liniger and Contos have confirmed the existence of the personal loan for the purchase of a residence, certain other personal transactions in the form of cash and non-cash gifts, and that no Company funds were used or otherwise involved in any of these transactions.

Although substantial progress has been made on the investigation by the Special Committee, the work is ongoing and the Company is currently unable to predict the outcome or timing of completion of the investigation.

Forward-looking statements may be identified by the use of words such as "believe," "intend," "expect," "estimate," "plan," "outlook," "project" and other similar words and expressions that predict or indicate future events or trends that are not statements of historical matters.

(That protein is measured in a blood test.) The trial was halted early because those taking placebos seemed to be at a higher risk for death."The bottom line is, most of your health is in your own hands," he says."Don't let other people convince you that they can fix it with other products." Next: What are the side effects of taking statins for years?"Most people are not going to take the drug for two years and stop," he says."They're going to take it for the rest of their natural lives." Statins can occasionally cause liver problems or a muscle-destroying condition called rhabdomyolysis, he points out.

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