White girl dating muslim man

According to the 30-year-old woman: Because she is both a female and infidel in a Muslim-majority nation, the police and the law did nothing for her.That same week, five more Christian girls were kidnapped, converted to Islam, and forced to "marry" their captors.Just four days after Open Doors made its remarks about the plight of Christian women, two Muslim men in Pakistan invaded the home of a Christian woman while her soldier husband was away serving in the army.They tied and gang raped her while threatening to slaughter her two-year-old infant daughter if she did not comply.No part of the Gatestone website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied or modified, without the prior written consent of Gatestone Institute.Islam promotes depravity and evildoing by the accounts in this essay.Islamic law, always harsh, is still harsher for women.

In these Muslim-dominated countries, Christian women are systematically deprived of their freedom to live and are denied basic human necessities.

"she was bought and sold by eight different jihadis... Other recent reports tell of "one 8-year-old girl who was also bought, sold and raped by eight different militants in a span of 10 months"; of another "sex slave who set herself on fire to prevent from being raped"; of a couple who, after their children were abducted by ISIS, answered their door to find a plastic bag containing the body parts of their daughters and a video of them being tortured and raped; and of Christian and Alawite women being raped and slaughtered by ISIS jihadis invading their village.

But such Islamic abuse of women is hardly limited to groups such as ISIS or Boko Haram — a Nigerian-based organization that also defines itself in exclusively Islamic terms and is notorious for abducting, enslaving, raping and murdering Christian girls.

Since conquering Mosul in June 2014, the caliphate has executed as many as 250 captive non-Muslim girls (mostly Yazidis and Christians) for refusing to be sex slaves.

Most recently, 19 Yazidi girls were placed in iron cages and burned alive in front of a crowd of hundreds, for refusing to copulate with jihadis.

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