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It could be seen as a detail or trim on a garment, or the entire garment itself.

(Crochet dress, via Cemetarian) Denim was another hugely popular material for all areas of fashion.

(1970s dress with angel sleeves, via La Belle Vintage) Fashion in the 1970s featured a variety of collar styles for both men and women.

The most common was probably the elongated pointed collar on dress shirts, known as a Barrymore and/or Poet Collar.

(70s pointed collar lapels, via Vintage Patterns Wiki) Some other collar types that were fashionable at the time were Peter Pan, collars with long ties attached that could be tied into a bow (known as a Pussy Bow), and Mandarin.

It is common to see collars decorated with ruffles in 70s fashion.

And of course, polyester fabric in general was widely used, and the use of lycra became commonplace (especially in the disco-inspired fashions of the day.) Tie dying fabric and clothing was another 70s phenomenon.

This was a method that people could do at home to customize their own garments, which helped greatly with its popularity.

Oversized collars in general were all the rage in the 70s.

(Bell bottom pants and a women’s pantsuit, via Miss Chloe Young) Maxi dresses were all the rage and could be seen ranging from slim-fitting to wide and flowy.

Dress styles ranged from lacy and ruffled peasant looks to form-fitting sleek silhouettes.

(photo via LA Times) The 1970s saw a variety of fashion styles, but the most easily recognizable were the hippie style and the disco/glam music-inspired fashions.

Hippies were inspired by the political goings-on of the era, and their clothing was free flowing and colourful to represent an anti-war, peaceful and loving state of mind.

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