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its no secret that it can be tough out there," the article reads."And because of the dangers hiding behind every '.com,' not only do you have to protect your fragile heart from being broken, but you also have to protect your wallet from being robbed.Pakistani immigrants to England maybe dating their female counterparts or even foreigners.Some non-resident Pakistanis maybe exporting young Pakistani women from their home lands in semi-arranged marriages.More so than in many other parts of the world, dating can be dangerous in Pakistan.Perhaps the women (and men) of Pakistan should turn to Internet dating, to bypass local social oppressions.Cindy Mc Donald from Best Christian Dating Sites kindly wrote a guest post for me on the pitfalls of online dating."If youre single and looking for love or companionship online in this day in age...


They are simply virtual rooms where people meet and get to know each other -- it's what really happens! Plenty of articles you can read too including Koranic advice on marriage and dating.

"Many available singles meet online around the world on a daily basis. On the issue of freedom of marriage, "The process of mate selection should be a function of a healthy balance between the freedom of choice of the would-be-spouses and consideration of the influence and consent of the parents/guardians.

not just Pakistan..." Of course the Lahore versus Karachi bitchfeud has raged for a long time in Pakistan, and it is not my place to take sides (I will leave that to all the commentators at such sites as Karachi Metblogs.) Great cities always have rivalries (witness the rivalry between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur).

I am more interested in the great rift which divides Pakistani cities from the countryside.

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    How your date spends their days and their passions are both important parts of their personality – which is where singles are looking for compatibility.

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